About Us

We are residential real estate investors who take from what real estate law allows and supports to offer the best transaction to homesellers.

Not everybody knows that there are many aspects of a sale that can be modified to suit specific sellers and their properties to achieve the maximum benefits, whether it’s speed of sale, simplicity of transaction, tax benefits, larger price and/or more.

We cover all methods and ways to buy and sell, with our self-imposed limitations being that they must be, other than legal, ethical and practical, so they get the job done.

Our business models can vary significantly by state, as the great part of real estate is regulated at state level, added to the fact that real estate property is unique, so always different and homeowners situation is also specific to them only. Therefore solutions are always custom and go through a process which always starts with a free conversation.

Call 617-999-0269 to talk and let’s see if we can be of value to you!