What’s a Lease-Purchase

Lease-Purchase is a type of agreement that we specialize in when we Sell our properties. We Buy houses in many different ways depending on the Sellers’ priorities; we buy Cash, Delayed, Seller Financing, Subject To, Wrap Around Mortgage, sometimes we actually Lease-Purchase or Lease-Option ourselves from home Sellers, then turn around and do the same with Buyers, or we Rent-To-Own, Contract for Deed, Land Contract, Deed into Trust and so on. Almost always, regardless of how we Buy, we Sell on a Lease-Purchase.

Lease-Purchase deals hit the sweet spot of all Selling deals by allowing risk that we can prevent, minimize and control, a decent return for us and profit for our Sellers, and an easy process. There are many Buyers who just need a variable amount of time to get the finance for the formal Purchase and they are not hard to find. As long as we carefully and thoroughly screen Buyers, who make a commitment to Purchase and are not simple renters; nobody, in these deals, is a classic landlord, not us, not our Sellers. We have a relatively easy task to set up, manage and bring these deals to the finish line with very limited risk and even less for our Sellers who can pick the deal that works the best for them.

In this explainer clip, a pretty concise, but clear explanation of what a Lease-Purchase is, especially what it means for our Buyers, but importanlyt for our Sellers as well, to understand our business model and its strengths and virtues.

Keep in mind that each and every real estate investor who specializes in lease-purchase deals has a different business model built around a different lease-purchase concept.

We pride ourselves in having an ethical and fairly unique concept with regards to how to structure these deals and which type of Buyers we look for. Having started in this business by being Sellers and then Buyers, we tend to better relate to certain Sellers, but also certain Buyers. However, we are open to any worthy and solid Buyer who can pass the multiple screenings and show discipline, potential and motivation to become homeowners of our properties.

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